Larroza said goodbye to Medicine and started running for the rectorship of the Unne

Doctor Omar Larroza said goodbye yesterday from his position as dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of the Northeast (Unne), which he held for eight years. He is one of the main candidates to become rector of the Unne and those who know him highlight his tireless effort to reach consensus.

Yesterday in the Hall of the Faculty of Medicine, located at Sargento Cabral 2001, the act of assumption of who replaces him as authority of Medicine, Dr. Mario Germán Pagno, was held. There were emotional speeches and the Rector of the Unne, Delfina Veiravé, also participated in the act (see secondary note).

Pagno thanked Larroza for his support and promised to continue the guidelines outlined by the former dean.

Larroza, meanwhile, was surprised by an institutional video put together by his work team in which “his constant effort to reach consensus” was highlighted and they thanked him for the innovation and “taking them out of the comfort zone.”

About the video, the doctor told El Litoral: “It stimulates all the strength and affection of the people. I am convinced that the path laid out will be followed and that is no small thing. These are uncertain times and the only constant is change. Structures that remain stagnant are always destined not to progress. We are for more, everything can be done as a team”, he added. “We are working with a group of deans on the policies that we are going to carry out in the next government of the University, whatever role I have,” he said.

On the possibility of being the new rector of the Unne, Larroza was forceful: “We are working for that. We are close to the target. I want to be respectful of the processes. But I summon all the actors of university life so that we can have a participatory platform and we can move forward in this, ”he concluded.

Bertha Valdovinos Zaputovich, doctor and full professor at the Faculty of Medicine, also participated in the event.



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