Larisa Dolina spoke about the death wishes of the fans of Vali Karnaval

The actress decided to temporarily stop managing her social networks.

Photo source: Yandex images

Some time ago, Larisa Dolina gave an extensive interview to and talked about what her life became after she participated in Maxim Galkin’s Musicality program. In that issue, she met the tiktoker Valya Karnaval, in complete bewilderment at what happened. As you know, there was a verbal skirmish between the guests of Galkin, which continued outside the walls of the program.

Photo source: Yandex images

According to Larisa Aleksandrovna, after the filming of “Musicality” was completed, her page on social networks turned into something terrible – full of death wishes and boring messages. And if the singer was still ready to put up with boorish comments and obscene language, to receive death wishes from children, it was the worst for her.

Photo source: Yandex images

“It was scary to read not only boorish messages, but the comments of children who wish you dead, I’m not talking about obscene language. When children wish you dead, it’s scary. That’s why I left social networks for a while left. Of course, it’s useless waiting for understanding from teenagers who were brought up in a completely different way, who for some reason have completely different values,” she explained.

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