Largest Vietnam car brand Vinfast before the start of Germany

The start date is getting closer: Vinfast will also be available in Germany this year. What does Vietnam’s largest car brand have to offer? Who is behind her And what strong trump does she have up her sleeve?

When the Vietnamese manufacturer Vinfast comes to Germany with four electric cars at the end of the year, the Asians want to compensate for their lack of awareness with a service that clearly outperforms the offerings of the competition.

Vinfast VF8: The mid-range SUV will cost around 43,900 euros. Technical details are not yet known. (Source: Vinfast)

Now the newcomer from Vietnam has unveiled three more electric cars at the CES electronics fair in Las Vegas, two of which are intended for export to Europe. Together with two larger models, they cover a wide range right from the start.

This is Vinfast
The manufacturer, which was founded only five years ago, is now the largest car brand in Vietnam. It is part of VinGroup, one of the largest private companies in Asia. Their hospitals, supermarkets, amusement parks, holiday resorts and much more made VinGroup owners the first billionaire and richest man in Vietnam. Until recently, Vinfast was headed by the former Opel boss Michael Lohscheller. Just like Tesla, the company wants to produce its cars in Germany in the future.

Start with Mega-Guarantee

Vinfast starts with a guarantee promise that goes much further than any other manufacturer: For ten years, the Vietnamese are responsible for errors and defects and guarantee 200,000 kilometers without breakdowns or breakdowns. And customers don’t even have to go to the workshop if they have a problem. Vinfast wants to do most of the repairs at home or, if in doubt, put a replacement car in front of the door.

Vinfast plant in Hai Phong in the north-east of the country: 250,000 cars are to be built here every year.  Construction took just 21 months.  (Source: Vinfast)Vinfast plant in Hai Phong in the north-east of the country: 250,000 cars are to be built here every year. Construction took just 21 months. (Source: Vinfast)

How far the car’s battery can reach, how much electricity they consume – these and other technical details are still unclear. But Vinfast has now confirmed at least some prices and deducted the battery. You have to rent it separately and pay 130 to 150 euros a month for it, depending on the model. The VF8 starts at around 43,900 euros and the Vietnamese ask for at least 58,600 euros for the VF9.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of the article stated that former Opel boss Michael Lohscheller is running Vinfast. However, Lohscheller gave up this post two weeks ago for personal reasons. We apologize for this error.



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