Lara Álvarez records the elegant sweatshirt that elevates any basic look: comfortable and stylish

Lara Álvarez records the elegant sweatshirt that elevates any basic look: comfortable and stylish

Lara Álvarez has reminded us that you never have enough sweatshirts in your closet and that they can be the protagonists of the most chic looks for women of all ages with their incomparable rejuvenating effect.

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The new edition of ‘Survivientes 2023’ has started without Lara Álvarez (36 years old) and her explosive looks, but the presenter continues to inspire us with the outfits she wears on a daily basis and that she shares on her Instagram profile. The presenter has unleashed the craze for a sweatshirt that has everything to become the most desired of all spring and with a thousand possibilities in the closet. Obviously we already have it signed.

Lara Álvarez’s sweatshirt is from the Spanish brand Moonday and is a springtime idyll. This Spanish firm is characterized by its high-quality garments and a classic but youthful design. The journalist has given it a chic touch by leaving the neck of the sweatshirt with the zipper open and with a denim shirt underneath, another of the classic wardrobe essentials. Lara’s sweatshirt is available on the brand’s website and its price is 65 euros. It is the Polo Club sweatshirt and It looks great for a basic everyday look.

Ways to combine the Lara Álvarez sweatshirt

  • With some simple jeans it is already a great look to go to work or for any plan during the week.
  • For cold days, it looks great with a thin turtleneck shirt or sweater in a neutral color.
  • Con some leggings and sneakersor some dark skinny jeans with those guy effect.
  • We also love sweatshirts with midi skirts. Although short skirts are all the rage this year.
  • When the good weather arrives, TOP is left with some shorts.
  • With white pants it is a classic look and it turns out effortlessly.
  • Con some tailor pants and tweezers is also a great look. Wear it half tucked in to define the silhouette.
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The sweatshirt, a wardrobe staple for any look

Since 2020, sweatshirts have become part of our wardrobe beyond the gym and spending a day in the field or being at home. The sweatshirts are worn in all kinds of looks and at all ages. They have become the comfy garment par excellence and a must for any woman.

Lara Álvarez's Moonday Sweatshirt

There are many types of sweatshirts, in neutral or bright colours, an oversized or tighter silhouette, with or without a hood, pockets… There are many sweatshirts and they all have in common that they rejuvenate any look and are comfortable. It is the star garment of the athleisure trend or how to wear sportswear beyond the gym. Thank you Lara Álvarez for reminding us.




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