Laptop or desktop computer: which should you buy?

Need a new computer and aren’t sure which way to go: desktop or laptop? While the latter have a lot to offer in terms of portability and flexibility, they are often limited in terms of ports and upgradeability. A desktop offers more customization, giving users the ability to swap parts and choose their own keyboards and other accessories, but the price of all those extras adds up quickly. The performance gap between the two is smaller than ever (with some laptops even outperforming desktops), making the choice even more difficult.

Choosing the right PC for you isn’t anywhere near the clear cut decision it once was, but it doesn’t have to be scary. In this guide, we’ll cover many of the basic considerations you’ll need to make before choosing a laptop or desktop that meets your needs.

This is the design of the new Mac Studio

It’s easy to lump everything into the two main categories of laptops and desktops, but there’s a ton of variability in both worlds, with plenty of crossover between them. Desktops, for example, can come in three main forms: the standard tower, the compact desktop, and the all-in-one.

Towers offer the most modularity, thanks to spacious interiors that let you add upgrades like faster RAM, more storage, network adapters, and more, while compact desktops are space-saving machines that can fit on almost any table. and still deliver impressive performance. The little Mac Studio, for example, is one of the most powerful home computers you can buy today.

All-in-one devices like the 24-inch iMac or Dell Inspiron 7790 also give users a hassle-free setup and no playback components, offering many of the same benefits of simplicity as a laptop, often with more ports and always a bigger screen. Of course, all-in-one computers also tend to have many of the same drawbacks as a laptop: Most of them can’t be upgraded once purchased without a few expensive trips to PC service shops, so you’ll have to make sure of getting the specs right the first time, or risk having a fleet of external drives and other peripherals ruining that workspace aesthetic.

In the world of laptops, the options boil down to traditional laptops, which sometimes have touchscreens, and convertibles, which have touchscreens that can be folded flat so they can double as Windows tablets. You can also get Chromebooks in these two forms, while Macbooks only come in traditional laptop form.

And then there are tablets, which can be used as laptops when paired with certain accessories, and even more specifically Windows tablets like the Microsoft Surface and Chromebook tablets like the HP Chromebook x2 11, which have received good reviews for the build quality and excellent battery life.

Not everyone has a giant desk that can fit a large computer under it, and many people need to cram all of their office equipment into a very small footprint. Every square inch of your desk counts, and fitting a computer into that space can be tricky.

In some ways, a laptop can be great in this situation. With the right stand they will also allow you to fit more devices on your desk. This is also where systems like the HP Envy All-in-One or the latest 24-inch iMac come into play.

When considering a new computer, you’ll need to think about your specific needs. For example, if you write, you will benefit from a laptop due to portability. The ability to change your environment can release mental blocks, which is a boon for students, writers, and other creatives. For some uses (web browsing, watching videos, and certain types of creative writing), a MacBook or Windows laptop might be overkill, so again, consider a Chromebook, which can often cost less than $200.

But others, like video or photo editors, might prefer a desktop. The ability to match a monitor to your choice of PC components can be essential if you want ideal color representation on screen, or simply want a large monitor for viewing fine detail up close. It’s important to note that laptop screens are rarely bright enough, and even the largest ones tend to top out at 17 inches. Video and photo editing also require more horsepower, so while you can find laptops that may be capable, you’ll pay a lot more. Also, most come with a limited port selection, requiring you to purchase additional hubs to expand the functionality of the machine.

There are certain tasks that will always need more power. While there are some very impressive machines like the Asus ROG Strix G15 Advantage Edition, gaming laptops tend to outgrow their usefulness relatively quickly as tasks become increasingly complex and demanding. For that reason, a traditional desktop like the MSI Aegis RS is better, as it can continually upgrade internal components as needed, spreading the cost of the upgrade over time and allowing you to use the other perfectly functional parts of the machine for as long as you like. more time

There is, of course, a third way: the laptop as a desktop. If you’re trying to get the most value and functionality out of your computer, this is a great way to go with an external display or monitor.

Modern laptops are excellent machines that can handle heavy workloads and often have batteries that can last an entire work day, sometimes with power to spare. Configured correctly, these machines can easily become desktops when you attach a monitor to them, and for people with light workloads who also need to be able to take their work with them, something like the 14-inch MacBook Pro (or whatever options Apple with M1) is like having two computers in one.

Choosing a computer or laptop can be tricky, so it’s important to think about what you want to use it for. If you’re shopping for a desktop computer, for example, you may also need to invest in a keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

If you’ll be using it for simple tasks, a Chromebook or an inexpensive Windows machine like the Acer Aspire 5 (???????? USD$ 550 oz ????????MX$9,086) are good options. You can even opt for an older used machine.

No matter what you decide, having a clear head about your needs can see them met for years to come with the right machine.

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