Al to go through these days of November, so full of deficiencies, but also of good news, imperial threats, illusions turned air and great memes, I have returned to a referential title of our essays.

It is about that book that Cintio Vitier called a “treatise on the history of Cuba” and a “very brief essay on an intellectual foundation” endowed, according to the author of Lo cubano en la poesía, with “lucidity, aim and courage” entitled Along the way of Mar or We Cubans, in which Guillermo Rodríguez Rivera affirms that the Cuban “is not going to allow him to be caught as a shithead who is not willing to make the same sacrifices” and that for that reason “in Cuba it has been practically impossible to assume a leadership or to maintain it without “going ahead”, without assuming the greatest risk in the fight ». To prove it, he goes through the challenges assumed by figures of our history such as Céspedes, Agramonte, Martí, Mella, Guiteras, Chibás, Frank and Fidel.

The closed support for causes such as those of the father of the boy Elián or that of the Five antiterrorist fighters who challenged the high and unjust prison sentences imposed by American courts comes from that tradition, as well as the identification with the fighters of the historical generation that made the Revolution with arms and they are still active, headed by Army General Raúl Castro. The presence of the First Secretary of the Communist Party and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel, in the original epicenter of the events of July 11 of this year responds to this historical requirement, as well as his intense activity visiting the most humble neighborhoods From the capital.

However, it is not just about leaders. Spain imposed a criminal reconcentration in Cuba, a precedent of the Nazi death camps, the Cuban people waged a war from the bush under disadvantageous conditions and wore down the largest colonial army in America, so much so that the United States took advantage of that wear and tear and opportunistically intervened to seize the island. Washington imposed on Cuba two bloody dictators –Machado and Batista–, again in disadvantageous conditions the Cuban people, at the cost of thousands of lives, overthrew them fighting in cities and mountains.

But, ignoring all this, and according to what can be read in the press that it demands plurality, but only gives voice to a focus on the island, that Cuban people, who were not afraid to take up arms despite reconcentrations and military regimes that tortured and They murdered at close range, “he is scared” and he cannot overthrow what the United States calls a dictatorship but does not repress, assassinate or torture as governments that Washington supports, as previously supported dictatorships in Cuba do. It is affirmed by the same machinery that minimizes the economic war brought to a halt by the last two North American governments to put, in the foreground, its effects and attribute them exclusively to a socialism which, despite everything they say, they cannot let fall by itself, with all the errors that they attribute to it or magnify it, but must be drowned in extremis, relentlessly denying it all respite.

They cannot surprise us, it is their class role, with shareholders and advertisers who universally subordinate their positions. What is surprising is that it is possible to read people who boast of being learned saying, in an undeniable attempt to diminish a scandalous defeat, that what happened with the non-march called for November 15 led the government to use itself thoroughly against a « small Facebook group ”, when it is evident that it has been one more fight in the long war of the United States government against the Cuban people. There are the declarations of its highest officials, the actions of its public and hidden agencies with the “leaders” who manufactured, the onerous financing and the support of the most powerful technological platforms to deny them.

They were silent when they stoned the room of a hospital where they were pregnant and newborns accompanied by their mothers, when they attacked a Cuban embassy where children slept with Molotov cocktails, when they asked to intervene militarily and do the same here as in Iraq, Syria and Libya But now they are outraged because there were Cuban women who decided not to be silent before those who supported by what they did, celebrated, or incited the above and want to create conditions so that such events are repeated.

Surely there are more intelligent and cultured ways to prevent the actions of those who seek to facilitate those things before which our judges, not far from being part, have preferred to keep silent. In the face of these and other errors on our side, young revolutionaries have not kept silent, convinced that the best weapons of a humanist Revolution like ours are intelligence, culture and joy, because they know that a fact that departs from that Behavior, however exceptional, diminishes us, but those who silence the repudiation, violence and terror practiced, with impunity and systematically, against an entire people are further diminished in their hypocrisy.

There is much to do in Cuba, much to transform, to overcome the challenges of so many external and also own limitations. But we have reason to celebrate one more victory against the most powerful empire in history, despite the fact that they have spent 60 years from defeat to defeat, they console themselves by saying now that the ephemeral martyr of props that put the Atlantic in the middle, and left his brothers in the sad role to which Guillermo Rodríguez Rivera alluded, has promised to return. Yes, that’s exactly what Batista, Prío, Mas Canosa and a long list of “brave men” said who said they would return and those of us who are still waiting. Those who did return to Cuba, overcoming a thousand obstacles and against the will of those who supported with all this virtual Bay of Pigs were those who knew how to “march ahead”: Martí, Gómez and Maceo in “a nutshell”, Fidel, Raúl, and his companions aboard the Granma, faithful to their oath to be free or martyrs, and Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, René González, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González Llort and Ramon Labañino, to whom the Commander dedicated a Volverán that still resonates.


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