Fuel-fueled engines have become an integral part of Land Rover DefenderBut what happens when you bring them into the future on battery power? Here we present the result.

Mat Watson of Carwow Reviews has just presented on his channel a video in which they see a couple of standard Land Rover Defenders models that have a surprise under the hood, the engine of a Tesla Model S.

This combination that brings the best of both worlds was created by Electric Classic Cars. The hardware is courtesy of Tesla, its 100 kWh battery located on its floor has been split in two for the Defender conversion, a 60 kWh battery is placed in the engine compartment and the rest is in the trunk, this helps to distribute the weight properly and not add a kilo to the weight with which they left the factory.

The powertrain design is basically the same, the Tesla engine is connected to propeller shafts and electronic locking differentials at both ends.