La Tigresa Acuña went to the Juariu crossing: It’s not funny

To which the boxer clarified: “I said that at the moment it wants to be funny and it is not funny, watch the program my love!”.

juariu 1.jpg

“I was surprised you said it was bad milk”, pointed after Juariu. “The Juariu also has a long tongue”, he limited Robertito Funes Ugarte, special guest.

It should be remembered that The tigress returned to the gastronomic reality after winning Masterchef à la carte, the segment that led Gaston dalmau by the app Pluto TV.

How was the Masterchef Celebrity playoff

On Sunday it became known who the two participants are who returned to the program that Santiago del Moro leads on the screen of Telefe, Masterchef Celebrity.

Juariu, Marcela La Tigresa Acuña, Denise Dumas, El Negro Enrique, Titi Fernández, Charlotte Caniggia and Gastón SoffritI competed to win their spot again on the show. Finally, Juariu Y Denise Dumas they were the chosen ones.


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