La Poste removes its cheapest stamp, how to send its letters at a lower cost?

La Poste announced this: its offer will be reviewed next year. A reorganization that will also involve the removal of an unknown stamp, and yet the cheapest, the gray stamp. This mode of sending also called Ecopli, little highlighted and little used, will disappear from the 1is January 2023 as seen by the MoneyVox news site. Replaced by a more expensive stamp, what can you expect to send your letters at a lower cost next year? Here are all the changes planned by La Poste.

The gray seal, an endangered species

So far, gray stamp is the cheapest postage. La Poste therefore offers its Ecopli for only €1.14, allowing mail or small parcels weighing less than 250 grams to be sent. However, at this price you should not be pressed for time as the delivery time is around 4 working days. A cheap method of sending, which La Poste users can still take advantage of until the end of the year.

To explain the disappearance of its Ecopli, even if the question of purchasing power is at the heart of the concerns of the French, La Poste promotes the little use of this type of shipment. It is true that the gray stamp weighs little in light of the volume of mail processed by La Poste: only 20 million Ecoplis are sent each year out of a total of 7 billion letters and parcels. It must be said that the gray stamp is far from being the subject of intense publicity. Well hidden, this fold is unknown to many French people, and appears very discreetly in post offices. It is even completely absent from the online stamp printing service MonTimbrenLigne.

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La Poste unveils its new range of mailboxes

In parallel with the disappearance of its gray seal, La Poste will market a new range of shipping methods from January 2023 in four parts. The cheapest of them will be the green stamp, which already exists today, but whose delivery time will increase from two to three days, still at the price of 1.16 € for a post of up to 20 grams. Two cents more expensive than the Ecopli, for slightly faster delivery and reduced weight.

To send a letter faster, it will be possible to use the red e-letter, which will mark the end of the traditional red stamp. The principle? Users are invited to send their letter directly on the Internet or from a post office. Printing and shipping is then done directly by La Poste, for next day distribution. For such a speed it will be necessary to pay 1.49 €.

Another new type of fold will see the light: the turquoise letter. Halfway between simple post and registered letter, it will enable the dispatch of important documents by making them traceable, for example for the delivery of checks or small parcels, without providing legal proof of a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. The distribution period will be two days for a price starting at €2.95.

Indispensably, the registered letter will remain in the middle of the La Poste range, making it possible to send requests that require legal proof. This may especially be the case of a termination of a lease or the cancellation of a contract. The shipment will be made within three days, at a price starting at 4.83 €, against 4.55 € currently.

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