With 37 votes, Deputies approved on Wednesday the project presented by Jorge Brítez that declares the participation of Nadia Ferreira in the Miss Universe pageant of national and cultural interest. However, Celeste Amarilla moved the rejection. There were 9 abstentions and 2 votes against.

“It has been many years that Paraguay has not reached the finalists, and Nadia Ferreira meets all the conditions for Paraguay to reach high,” said Brítez, known for expressing his stance against vaccines, in the stage on tables. He said that he spoke with her and described her as “a simple person, a charismatic person.” He stated that “it is time for Miss Paraguay to be closer to the people, as well as Marito’s logo”, in the sense that she is not only seen at events and mentioned that Ferreira recently visited the El Buen Pastor women’s penitentiary.

“She can contribute with her influence, with this opportunity that she has, to raise the esteem and morale of Paraguayan women,” argued the deputy from Alto Paraná, citing in contrast that there is so much news of violence and corruption. “We have a worthy candidate,” he said.

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“Nothing against beauty, nothing against Nadia Ferreira, but in no way can I accept that it is intended to raise the esteem of women by exposing the beauty of a young lady,” replied deputy Celeste Amarilla, in response to the project.

“The esteem of women and men is raised with values. Beauty is a gift. Those of us who believe in God believe that he gives us what we bring on this Earth. Those who do not believe in God will justify the beauty of people by genes. The ugly and the ugly are not to blame for that. No matter how much effort we make, we are not going to achieve the beauty of Nadia Ferreira ”, he described.

“It is not beauty that has to be used as an example and as a north. It must be the values, the attachment to effort, to work, things that can give you satisfaction in life, even if you are ugly. Beauty can open doors for you, but what satisfies human beings is the product of your effort ”, he added.

“This has gone out of style in the world, Mr. Brítez. I am not opposed to the contests continuing. Just as you defend anti-vaccines so much, you should know that there is a great global anti-misses movement, because what is done is exposing the beauty of some women by exploiting their image for commercial purposes, sometimes for sexual purposes, even against those beautiful ladies ”, claimed Amarilla. “It is out of fashion to expose the body and face of women as a parameter. That is not a parameter of anything. Being born beautiful is a gift and being born ugly is not the fault of whoever wears that ugly face or body ”.

In the final part of her speech, the deputy considered this as “a shameless slap in the face of the situation we live in Paraguay,” referring to the 16 thousand deaths from COVID, as well as the insecurity in the northern part of the country in the cities, in addition to the lack of employment.

“We are on the verge of approving a budget without knowing where to get the money from and we are going to declare ourselves pro-Miss Universe. Stop the nonsense, colleague Brítez. I respect you when you present projects like the people, but stop being nonsensical and place yourself in the moment that Paraguay is living ”, he concluded.

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At that time, Raúl Latorre asked for the floor to express his opinion: “Let me disagree, I do not consider you to be ugly,” he told his colleague. Second, Latorre commented that he did not see immoral the approach to support Paraguayans who participate in various types of contests.

Already without speakers, the project was taken to the voting stage, although it threatened the lack of a quorum of the plenary session to continue with the ordinary session. The president of the Chamber of Deputies complained that his colleagues, in addition to connecting late, immediately left the session by turning off their screens. Finally there were enough votes to support Nadia Ferreira.


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