La Jornada – José Narro Céspedes, senator from Morena, heads the 5th Congress of Aesthetic Medical Surgeons

Within the framework of the Fifth Congress of Medical Aestheticians in Mexico City, Senator from Morena, José Narro Céspedes, affirmed that the Senate of the Republic has its doors open to all sectors of Mexican society and listens without distinction to all problems and demands of citizens.

“What makes Morena and the fourth transformation different from the other parties is that we always listen to the people. For some time now, we have been learning about the needs of your union and the struggle you have given to be recognized”, he highlighted among medical specialists and union organizations.

Paraphrasing President Andrés López Obrador, José Narro stated that culprits should not be generated, much less make judgments of the benefited civil associations, “I have followed up on the issue of medicine and cosmetic surgery, so I think there is many interests.

From the Senate of the Republic, added the brunette, we have fought to return the certification of medical specialists to the State. We are willing to listen to everyone, for this House of Legislative Power to recover the certification of doctors and for the Mexican State to recover the stewardship of this certification.

Before more than 1,500 aesthetic doctors, Narro Céspedes, vice president of the Senate, indicated that given the problem of the lack of certification of doctors, “we need a Senate open to the people that is in front of society and that is accountable.”

Likewise, Narro Céspedes undertook to closely monitor how the certification of medical estheticians progresses and to seek out the Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer, and the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López Gatell, to expose the problem for which crosses the aesthetic medicine sector. Finally, he thanked the support that doctors, medical associations and rural doctors have given to the fourth transformation.

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