La Gruyère | Group E will increase its prices in 2022

Thu, 12. Aug. 2021


Electricity prices for distributors will be adapted for 2022, and revised upwards, Groupe E announced yesterday in a press release. This update is due to two factors. “On the one hand, Swissgrid, the operator of the very high voltage transmission network, announced in March 2021 a significant increase in its 2022 tariffs. On the other hand, the cost coverage for the use of the high voltage network of Group E, which has been insufficient in recent years, needs to be rebalanced. ” The company based in Granges-Paccot estimates at around 3 francs per month the average increase in the price of electricity “for a household of five people consuming 4500 kWh per year”. And to clarify: “The pricing policy for end customers is the responsibility of …

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