thu, 09. sep. 2021

By contemplating the works of Dominique Panissod, who exhibits from Friday until September 26 at the Image-In gallery in Châtel-Saint-Denis, we can easily guess that he lives in Lavaux. “In Veytaux, he says, a village between Montreux and Villeneuve.” In this painting, the Château de Chillon is dipping in Lake Geneva, on this one, the Dents-du-Midi overlooks the same Lake Geneva. There, a sunset over… Lake Geneva. In short, “the interior sea”, as the artist likes to call it, is an eternal source of inspiration. “These landscapes are a permanent spectacle, in constant flux.” “Go, discover your country!” thus seem to murmur both Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Dominique Panissod, who chose this exhibition title while being inspired by the Geneva author.…

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