La Fiera de Ojinaga: They made history by singing in front of 70,000 people at the Houston Rodeo

La Fiera de Ojinaga: They made history by singing in front of 70,000 people at the Houston Rodeo

The Fiera de Ojinaga performed at the Houston Rodeo in front of 70,000 people.
The Fiera de Ojinaga performed at the Houston Rodeo in front of 70,000 people.

Photo: Mandy Fridmann / Courtesy

Mandy Friedman

The Ojinaga Beastthe singers who revolutionized norteño music incorporating the saxophone, They made history this Sunday, March 11, performing before 70,000 people at the emblematic Houston Rodeo..

We accompany the group to live this experience that not even they themselves could believe it, to the point that they confessed to us that they performed the first song with many nervous people, because they did not imagine how big the audience would be that would accompany them.

“The truth is that we are very happy, The net is something that we did not expect, seeing such a big place and thinking ‘will people come or not come?’… Already entering the stage and seeing all the people that were there, the truth is that you can see that we are doing things goodso thanks to all the people from Houston who accompanied us”, Mauricio ‘Pikaro’ Palma de Aldama, leader, founder and vocalist of the group, told us happily at the exit of the concert in the backstage access that we had exclusively.

With an impressive mobile stage in the middle of the world’s largest rodeo, fireworks and 70 thousand people singing their songs, Maurice ‘Pikaro’ Almond Palm, Ivan Almond Olives, Ever Acosta, Martin Covarrubias, and Jesus Figthey left everything in the little more than an hour that the concert lasted.

The Ojinaga Fair were chosen to close the week of Rodeo Houston, where millions are raised in order to provide scholarships to students in Texas. Selena Quintanilla, Los Tigres del Norte, Ramón Ayala, among many, passed through that same stage.

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La Fiera de Ojinaga was formed in 2011, but it was only in 2018 that it achieved success, when they managed to make the public fall in love with this new proposal of a more modern northern music.more current, with the incorporation of the sax and Even trending on Tik Tok!

“We imagined it, but we didn’t think, now seeing the people who play our songs means that we are reaching people, thanks to all the race that supports us in our music and thanks to all the people who made us a very tiktokera music“Pikaro told us proudly.

But this modern touch, which at first was a surprise to many, began to set a trend, respecting the roots, for this reason, Mauricio makes it very clear with these exclusive words:

“I am from Chihuahua, an hour and a half from the northern music border. Since I was a child I grew up with that music, so I am very happy to now be raising the name of Chihuahua”ended the leader of the group.



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