La.Co.Cart: customizable packaging for your business

La.Co.Cart: customizable packaging for your business

La.Co.Cart, acronym for “Paper Processing and Commerce”, is a Bergamo-based company leader in the production and wholesale and retail marketing of products for wrapping and packaging in paper, plastic and environmentally friendly materials. It supplies bars, pastry shops, food industries, shops and supermarkets. The company has a very long history behind it, with over 50 years of experience and an important family tradition. It is now managed by brothers Cristiano, Diego and Francesco Rota, but was founded in the mid-sixties by Evaristo and Giancarlo Rota, grandfather and father respectively of the current owners. Evaristo, in fact, after an experience in a bag factory in the area, with great initiative and foresight decided to start his own business, involving his son Giancarlo in the initiative. The beginning of this activity required many sacrifices and a spirit of adaptation but La.Co.Cart has managed to grow and expand over time, diversifying its production line and thus managing to cover all market needs. Over time, the company has in fact expanded its catalog, adding many other types of food packaging to the paper bags. Today the products marketed by La.Co.Cart are more than a thousand. The company is able to supply shops and retailers such as grocery stores, greengrocers, bakeries, butchers and many other realities, including large-scale retail companies, wholesalers, dairies and associations that organize festivals and events. Among the leading lines of packaging that can be created and customized by La.Co.Cart there is certainly packaging for catering and food paper, but we also find those dedicated to other sectors, including: hygiene and cleaning, industrial packaging, stationery, shops and offices The company has always had an innovative spirit, which is also reflected in the attention to the theme of ecology, which is very dear to La.Co.Cart today. The commitment to environmental issues is a reflection of the company’s ability to adapt and anticipate market changes. In fact, a large part of the production has a green orientation, not only in the marketing of biocompostable items but also in the choice of suppliers (with paper that comes from eco-sustainable paper mills) and in the use of photovoltaics for energy production. For all packaging-related needs, you can contact La.Co.Cart from its website and request a no-obligation quote.

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