“La Chica del Clima”, Yanet García, shows her best photos posing with a white string micro bikini

Janet Garcia.

Photo: Archive / Reforma Agency

Yanet Garcia has positioned herself as one of the favorite celebrities of social networks, because in addition to sharing her secrets to have infarct curves, and even motivating her followers to fulfill their dreams, she is also an expert in attracting attention by dazzling with its beauty thanks to tiny lingerie, tight sports outfits and of course bathing suits that show to the maximum each part of his exercised anatomy.

That is why, in one of her most recent Instagram posts, the Mexican model who is recognized as the “Climate Girl” once again raised the temperature by sharing a seductive selection of photographs in which she wore a two-piece swimsuit.

posing with a white string bikini that exposed her stunning figurethe television presenter also turned her back on the camera and showed off while adjusting the thin straps that covered her hips, in addition to showing off topless as well as other positions, falling in love with more than 200 thousand fans who rated the publication with a Red heart.

While, weeks ago, she also fell in love with a postcard in which she used this same bathroom set.

But the seductive images are not only intended to show the content that you can enjoy on your OnlyFans exclusive content page, which you joined in 2021, but in them you have also shared some beauty treatments that you undergo to show off so spectacular.

This was announced a few days ago by revealing that regularly receive massages to avoid cellulite in certain areas of the bodylike the butt where it usually forms, so she literally puts herself in the hands of an expert who helps her avoid the accumulation of fat that arises naturally.

However, on this occasion the recording, which registers more than 5 million reproductions, not only served as a beauty tip, but also turned out to be a real show for nearly half a million followers who qualified it with a “like”, in addition to send you flattering messages.

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