L-Gante insulted Fernando Burlando after learning that he had requested his arrest

L-Gante It’s one of the characters of the moment. Both on a musical and media level. The singer was in Uruguay and, when they interviewed him, threw an outburst against Fernando Mocking after learning that he had requested his arrest.

In a report with Farándula Show, the creator of Cumbia 4-20 gave his impressions about the legal conflict he had with Christian Manzanelli, former youtuber representative Yao Cabrera.

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What did L-Gante say to Fernando Burlando

They criticized you a lot for the mess at the Hilton “, contributed the journalist who interviewed him. “Did it get here as well?” L-Ghent was surprised. Then, he threw harsh terms against Burlando, Manzanelli’s attorney.

L-Gante denounced by Christian Manazaelli, former manager of Yao Cabrera.

“It is rumored, it is spoken, they want to harm me, but nothing that harms me, that they speak what they want,” he commented. “Burlando asked for your arrest,” added the chronicler. “Yes, so they say, the thing would be if L-Ghent asks for the arrest of BurlandoI want to see it there ”, he remarked.

Later, when the notary public told him what he would do if Mocking asked him to have a meeting with him, L-Gante put the metaphors aside and, with a smile, launched: “Let me suck ha …”

What happened between L-Ghent and Christian Manzanelli

“I clearly feared for my life”. With those words Christian Manzanelli described in the criminal complaint ante la Justice the attack that he denounced from L-Gante for “simple murder attempt and aggravated threats ”.

Alejandro Cipolla published a video in defense of L-Gante. (Photo: Instagram / l_gante_keloke)

“‘Are you scared, bitch? Are you afraid that I will break your mouth? ‘He says as he takes a drink, breaks it and approaches my humanity. In those moments, by reason of their movements, I clearly feared for my life, given that in his right hand he had a short sharp object, not being able to achieve his task thanks to the intervention of numerous people who were able to reduce it and remove it from the place ”, Manzanelli said in the written that he presented in his formal accusation against the singer.

The text also indicated that “the ferocity of the attack and the characteristics of the improper weapon wielded by the accused leave no doubt about the purpose of producing death in the case, even when this has been avoided due to the hazardous circumstance of the immediate intervention of circumstantial third parties ”.

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The fight happened on December 21, 2021 at Hilton Hotel, from Buenos Aires, during the launch of the fight between the former world champion boxing Marcos “Chino” Maidana Y Cabrera. The event, which will take place on March 5, 2022 in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), is organized by Manzanelli.




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