Kyiv reports land gains around Kharkiv, Moscow shelling from Ukraine

Day 76 in the Russian-Ukraine War: The Ukrainian armed forces have reported gaining ground around the second largest city of Kharkiv in the east of the country. “The occupiers are gradually being pushed back from Kharkiv,” President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a video message on Wednesday night. Meanwhile, Russian troops continued to advance in Donbass, and Russian attacks continued in Mariupol. But the Russian border regions of Belgorod and Kursk also reported new attacks.

“The villages of Cherkasy Tyshky, Rusky Tyshky, Rubishne and Bayrak were liberated,” the Ukrainian general staff said on Facebook. While the Russian armed forces could hit the city of Kharkiv “even less” with artillery attacks, the “intensity of the bombing in the Kharkiv district has increased”. According to the Ukrainian regional administration, the Russian troops are also leaving “death traps” – mines.

According to the regional administration, a trail of devastation runs through Kharkiv. The bodies of 44 civilians were found under the rubble of a destroyed house in the Russian-controlled city of Izyum. The Russian troops also left behind “death traps”, i.e. mines, after their withdrawals, it was said.

The northern and north-eastern parts of Kharkiv have often been the target of Russian rocket attacks in recent weeks. The Russian troops also advanced to within a few kilometers of the city. However, the US Institute for War Research (ISW) said over the weekend that the Ukrainian army was “making significant progress in that part of the country and is likely to advance to the Russian border in the next few days or weeks.”



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