Kwango: at least 5 dead in an attack by the Mobondo militia in Tadita village

Kwango: at least 5 dead in an attack by the Mobondo militia in Tadita village

Photo/Symphorien Kwengo (Kwango Civil Society)”/>

At least five people were killed in the village of Tadita after an attack by militiamen from the Mobondo (Kwango) group, on the night of Thursday to Friday May 18, a few kilometers from National Road number 1 (RN1). All the houses were burned down by these militiamen.

The provincial government of Kwango as well as the provincial consultation framework of civil society, which deliver this same provisional assessment, indicate that the presence of these attackers is visible in particular in the village Pont Kwango on the RN1.

And the inhabitants are in disarray, each having taken its direction. The spokesperson for the Kwango provincial government, Adélard Nkisi, testified:

“Attacks are reported in Tadita village, but there is also Tabunda village added. And all these villages are in the Takondi group, attacked by the Mobondo. The balance sheet, we already learned that in Tadita, for example, there are five dead and the whole village burned, as well as Tabunda”.

All these villages are practically deserted today, he continued, everyone is in the bush.

The situation is under control of the armed forces who came to lend a hand, according to him, despite “ the presence of a few Mobondo militiamen, who are organizing and forming here and there ».

Adélard Nkisi pleads for the holding of a peace conference, bringing together the Teke and the Yaka:

“Kwango Province is asking for a slightly more holistic solution. On the sidelines of what we have decreed as a curfew, it is important that the Republic be able to organize a peace conference. It is the much more peaceful solution that would put the Teke and the Yaka back on the table so that we can know the real reasons that lead them to behave in one way or another”.

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