Kuznetsov, who starred in Hollywood, smashed the Russian film industry

The actor considers it impossible to produce honest films.

Alexander Kuznetsov played the role of Helmut in the sequel to Fantastic Beasts. The actor, who was born in Sevastopol, shared the differences between the Western film production system and the Russian one.

The differences are most pronounced in matters of censorship. The artist sees a lot of obstacles in the Russian film industry at all stages of creating films and series. Most of all, the installation of projects is controlled.

Kuznetsov believes that the Russian film industry is returning to the era of the USSR, when talented and smart directors had to make sad and formal films in order to be safe.

The actor is sure that it is impossible to make an independent and honest movie because of the blacklists of artists and directors, as well as because of the strict control by some “film experts”.

“So, the more superficial your film is, the more likely it is to be completed and released,” said Alexander Kuznetsov in an interview with the foreign edition of Schon.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Sergey Malyshev



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