Musician Vladimir Kuzmin on the air of the program “The Fate of a Man” said that Alla Pugacheva wanted to make him “the king of pop music”. The rocker had a different opinion on this, which, as a result, became the reason for the separation of the two stars of the domestic show business.

The artists met in the 80s. Pugacheva was invited to a rock festival in Germany, in connection with which she had to adapt her concert program to the format of the event. Friends advised the prima donna to involve Vladimir Kuzmin in this work. The tour abroad was a triumph. As a result, the artists began to work closely with each other.

After the release of the composition “Two Stars” on the radio, the author of which was the composer Igor Nikolaev, Kuzmin woke up famous. The singer himself notes that he did not immediately agree to perform the “pop” hit, in his opinion, but he was convinced by Pugacheva.

Subsequently, the stars began an affair. Kuzmin called this outcome of events “quite natural.” It was then that the prima donna began to give advice to her beloved on style and repertoire. The musician notes that Pugacheva wanted to make him a “pop king”, but he did not agree. After some time, the couple broke up.

At the same time, the rocker emphasized that Alla Borisovna subsequently realized all her ideas in the image of Philip Kirkorov.

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