“Krone” interview – Esther Graf: “I stand for self-confident music”

That is no longer necessary, because in the meantime Berlin has fallen into her lap more or less by accident. “Three years ago I was there to write songs for myself and others, met a lot of people. Suddenly I was under contract with RCA/Sony Music in Germany.” At first she commuted back and forth, but two years ago Graf settled in Neukölln to really get off to a musical start. “The contrast was already strong from the Carinthian mountain village to the third district of Vienna, but Berlin is of course a completely different number.” Graf is in the middle of the TikTok generation and moves accordingly musically colorful. There is space for features with and for Olexesh, Finch, Alligatoah and Monet192, as well as a monthly radio show with her roommate and pop artist Emily Roberts. “Pop becomes hip-hop and hip-hop becomes pop. There’s a lot going on all around, I’ve made a lot of acquaintances and I really benefit from this versatility.”



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