The parting of Danila Kozlovsky with his beloved Olga Zueva, who gave birth to his daughter, turned out to be completely unexpected for the fans. The actor started an affair with his colleague Oksana Akinshina, but it seems that he never learned anything from his mistakes.

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The star of the film “Viking” dated actress Olga Zueva for six years. The fans were sure that the matter was going to the wedding, especially since their common daughter Oda Valentina was born on March 2, 2020, but almost immediately after the birth of the baby it became known that the couple had broken up. Danila Kozlovsky publicly stated that he “ruined everything” and took the blame for the break on himself. He did not stop communicating with his daughter, and his mother, apparently, did not interfere with this, although she wrote down Oda Valentina in her last name.

Kozlovsky did not advertise his affair with Oksana Akinshina for a long time, because the lovers in society are usually not spared, but the actress herself soon hinted at more than friendly relations with her partner in the film “Chernobyl”. Akinshina published a video in which Kozlovsky jumps into bed with her at a run. The couple did not disclose any more details of their relationship – Oksana prefers not to advertise her personal life and even shows her three children on social networks extremely rarely.

Kozlovsky continues to see his little daughter and is actively working. Since fans can only guess how his romance with Akinshina is developing, the actor is credited with relationships with other pretty colleagues. The fans were very excited by the joint photo of Danila Kozlovsky and Paulina Andreeva, which the actor published in Stories on his personal Instagram account.


Obviously, old friends took part in some next project together, part of the profits from which will be directed to charity (as Paulina herself said), but curious fans still doubt that Kozlovsky is only on friendly terms with married Andreeva. “But what about Akinshina ?!” – commentators on the Web are surprised.

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