Dchatting about the upcoming summer vacation is no longer what it used to be. Unlike usual, they are not primarily about holiday destinations, but about hardships, detours and compromises in an exceptional summer. Seen this way, everyone is the same this year, whether big or small travel budget. And everyone sympathizes. For example with the colleague who has just gotten off: Mallorca, booked shortly after the island’s reopening.

First reaction: Oh, wasn’t it exactly the Ballermann faction that was raging, horny for the party and moderately interested in civilized behavior? Yes, she did, the colleague replied wearily, and now the whole family can expect to wear a mask almost everywhere. The authorities no longer understand fun.

Well, hopefully the weather is nice at least. Another reports from the Engadin, southern Switzerland, wonderful area. The big advantage is that it is deserted in many places, a very tough argument in times of a pandemic. However – it sounds like a concession – the temperatures did not always play along. They ended up well below the ten-degree mark. You can’t have everything this summer.

This year it’s all about little vacation happiness

Unless you think of it like Horst Seehofer. Because of Corona, the Federal Minister of the Interior didn’t change anything, but nothing, about his vacation planning. He is on vacation in Bavaria this year, he said. This has nothing to do with the virus: “I have not been going on vacation for 25 years, but have stayed at home in my home.” With his diminished wanderlust, the CSU politician has always avoided the questions, summer after summer are in the air at many workplaces.

Who flies on? Who travels more exotic? Who sleeps more comfortably? Corona did the same for everyone else. This year it’s about the little vacation happiness, not the supposedly very big one, which is measured by the number of flight miles collected or the dimensions of the booked cruise ship.

Of course, this can look very different on your next winter vacation. With a favorable course and successful drug research, the old reflexes will probably take hold again. Especially with the shooting men. Ischgl remembered them as a great winter party option. The colleague with the overshadowed Malle trip certainly does not dream of celebrating.

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