Kojima Productions? “For me it’s a ‘PlayStation Studios'”

Japanese designer Hideo Kojima has been praised by Sony’s communication, which considers him much more than a partner.

Remember, last April, we learned that Hideo Kojima has approached Microsoft for his next project, information from Jeff Grubb that followed the many comments on the video of Phil Spencer in front of a shelf related to Xbox history, including the figurine of Ludens.

A little later, a rumor sent downright the creator of MGS in the arms of Xbox for the simple reason that Sony would have refused its next game, again, information that followed the revelations of Bloomberg on Sony’s obsession with profitable games.

But, as often, the rumors have deflated a little, Sony (and the creators of Days Gone) tempering the venal nature of the firm, Microsoft has still not announced anything with the Japanese creator, and the latter remains discreet about his future. This Thursday, like a hand extended to the manufacturer of the PlayStation, Kojima-san reshared the latest PlayStation Studios Q&A.

In this question-and-answer session, we can notably see the praise given by Sid Shuman (SIE’s communications director) to its “partners”, including the Kojima Productions studio.

You know, these partnerships are very exciting. You could, I guess, make a distinction between development teams that are part of Sony – like Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Media Molecule, Sucker Punch, etc. – and the development teams who work with us as partners… Haven, Firewalk, but also teams with whom we have worked for years, such as Kojima Productions, From Software.

But for me, in many ways, there really is no difference. These are all PlayStation Studios. We are, at the end of the day, a creator-driven organization. Which to me means we want to find the best possible development studios in the world and help them pursue their ideas with passion.

The interview also recalls that PlayStation Studios have more than 25 titles in development currently. And as a last snub, the manager recalls that “Single-player games with a strong narrative make the DNA” of the Sony console.

Single player, storytelling games – it’s our DNA. PlayStation Studios have created, in my opinion, some of the most memorable storytelling experiences available. We love doing them, and we’ll continue to do them as long as players enjoy them.

We also want to make sure that we create a variety of experiences for our audiences. Franchises, new IP, big games, smaller and more innovative games, single and multiplayer stories. Who says the multiplayer experience can’t have great stories, right?

In short, everything is fine (better?) Between Kojima and Sony. I know some in the editorial staff who are reassured.

Source : blog.playstation.com