KOF XV: Kim Kaphwan will enter the game this spring

SNK CORPORATION unveils a new trailer for Kim Kaphwan, the second DLC character from Season 2 of The King of Fighters XV, which will be available soon.

Kim is a very serious fighter with an inherent sense of justice. An expert in taekwondo, he can stop any opponent with his unstoppable kicks. Her overzealousness infuriates Luong and the man she is in love with: Gang-Il, Kim’s master. Kim’s character is voiced by Kunihiro Kawamoto.

To accompany the release of Kim Kaphwan as part of Season 2, eight tracks from games in the KOF franchise will be added to the KOF XV DJ Station for free. This feature allows players to customize background music during matches.

Kim Kaphwan will be available for preview at Evo Japan on April 2! A spectator admission ticket will be required to attend EVO Japan 2023 on this day.

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