Barcelona, ​​Spain

Controversy. Ronald Koeman, FC Barcelona coach, has generated a tremendous stir in the last hours by leaving several darts to the president himself Joan Laporta of the Catalan set.

The technical director has indicated Joan Laporta, “he spoke too much” after the maximum leader spoke about the contract of the strategist at the head of the culé team.

“My relationship with Laporta has improved, but something happened last week that I think is not right. I was suggesting that the coach doesn’t have all the power. He talked too much and was not wise on two occasions“, he assured in declarations that he gave to the Dutch television NOS.

And he added: “That can be done in private. I like when a president is engaged and asks questions, only that should not happen in the press. That was the problem. “

Koeman acknowledged that he wants to stay on the bench of FC Barcelona beyond the month of June and he did so with a somewhat controversial phrase:

“I’m open to staying, I’m having a good time. Thanks to me, this club has a future “, indicated and immediately his words have generated all kinds of comments.

And he concluded: “There are two years left to fight again with teams like Manchester City or Chelsea. We must accept that we cannot do things that should be done. It is the time of the young. You have to focus and give them the opportunity. “


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