“The Seventh Day TV” broadcast a special coverage prepared by Mahmoud Jalal, and presented by Alaa Sheta, about details of the health condition of the star Khaled El-Sawy, after he published a picture of him through his personal account on the social networking site “Facebook”, during which he appeared sitting in a wheelchair and was controlled by signs of fatigue. He commented on the photo, saying: “Two hours in this chair, they teach you to respect strength, respect weakness, and respect dignity in weakness,” due to his nerve inflammation.

In this regard, “The Seventh Day” communicated with Mai Karim, the wife of the star Khaled El-Sawy, that El-Sawy is fine, and his appearance on a wheelchair in a photo on the social media, was the result of stress in filming, as he films “Cairo Makkah” with director Hani Khalifa.

Mai Karim added that El-Sawy worked hard in filming because his scenes required a lot of action and movement, which caused his right foot to suffer from nerve inflammation, but he is currently fine.

In the coming period, the artist Khaled El-Sawy will participate in the movie “Cairo Mecca” by the star Mona Zaki, in which the work team continues to film some external scenes during this period as part of its events, according to the plan of director Hani Khalifa.


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