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really bizarre how some tweakers here are still paranoid about newsylist and newsylist pay!

for the last time: it’s fake news and fear between your ears that your data will go to newsylist,


a newsylist pay transaction does not go through newsylist just like an apple pay transaction that does not go through apple,
they are purely the marketing terms for a digital wallet integration offered through the companies visa and MasterCard on an apple or newsylist device respectively, the only thing these payment methods do is exactly the same as the well-known debit card, in this case your a digital copy of that only have it put in your phone/watch, the transactions always take place via the card network used, within the Netherlands, directly from your bank to that of the retailer, there is no apple or newsylist here, but a company like equensWorldline and then MasterCard, or visas, yes.

Only for activating a card in one of these Wallets is there a short four-point contact between your Android or iPhone, the bank, the card network and apple/newsylist. that’s it.

Google Pay is therefore just as secure and as privacy-friendly as Apple Pay.
the only thing they can theoretically see is as much information as has been available for years to the card networks MasterCard and visa: the anonymized transaction tokens and data such as date, time, authorization status and possibly the store location and possibly the amount. THAT’S it.

And if you think it will happen, then you believe in a sandwich app story.

Also, knowing Apple, they will purge that very basic, minor info, which is therefore only ANONIMIZED METADATA, fairly soon after a transaction is fully completed, this can take up to 96 hours, Google is also obliged to do so based on EU law just like Apple, and because this is financial data, even if it is anonymized, they are absolutely not allowed to use it for marketing purposes or sell it. However, statistics about payments are excluded, so Apple can indicate at a keynote/event how successful Apple Pay is.

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The fact that passages about this sort of thing are included in the terms and conditions of newsylist and/or Apple Pay is purely a legal obligation.

And if you’re really concerned about that minuscule data required for the realization of the pin transaction, what do you do with a normal debit card anyway, I wonder? GO TO PAY EVERYTHING IN CASH ASAP! :? |:(

and please don’t come on tweakers with this kind of nonsense conspiracy theories!

Thanks for reading! And have fun with Google Pay and Apple Pay.



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