Klopp on Nunez’ goal and penalty against Man City: ‘It will get better with time. Happy for him” – Football

Jurgen Klopp pleased with Darwin Nunes’ performance in the FA Super Cup.

Liverpool beat Manchester City 3-1 yesterday to take the Super Cup for the first time since 2006. The striker, who came on as a substitute in the 59th minute, earned a penalty from which the winning goal was scored, and scored himself in the 94th minute.

“It was good, very good. Obviously it will get better with time. We live in a world where everyone is judged by first impressions and that doesn’t help anyone. Despite this, this happens all the time.

Both teams were not 100% ready physically. Not like usual, if you will. And in the first few matches [предсезонки] we were not even close to the current physical state. When Nunez came on as a substitute, we constantly passed to him, and after the third ball he was no more. And everyone judged him by the first touches. It’s just some kind of joke, but you have to put up with it. Darwin will do just fine, and we are patient because we know he can do a lot. I liked his influence on this match.

Perhaps one of the highlights of the game was how the substitutes affected the match. It was really wonderful. Everyone who appeared on the field immediately entered the game, and it was very, very, very helpful. It’s a great sign,” Klopp said.

On whether scoring a goal against Man City will give Nunes confidence

“Of course, because we all know that attackers are special creatures. Everyone needs positive moments – scoring goals or participating in them. I think Darwin would have been happy even if he hadn’t scored the third goal, because we earned a penalty after Millie crossed him. In the moment he had before, he did great, but Ederson played brilliantly.

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The goal was the icing on the cake, I’m very happy for him. You saw his face, the faces of his teammates – everyone was happy for him. And that’s a really good sign after the short period of time he’s been with us,” said the Liverpool manager.

Klopp took the FA Super Cup for the first time: Nunes scored and earned a penalty, Haaland missed the empty ones



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