42-year-old actress Yekaterina Klimova, who recently made a splash on her fans on Instagram, appeared in front of them in a lace mini, turned out to be very worried about her appearance in her youth.

As follows from what the artist herself said, for many years she learned to love herself and accept for who she is. It was not easy to do this because of the “mass of complexes”, but time put everything in its place – they managed to “outgrow”.

It turned out that one of those features of appearance that did not give the star of the screens of rest was the nose.

Then, she added, she was stopped by the thought that she would lose her identity. Now Klimova is convinced that she did everything right.

In the artist’s opinion, she follows the example of many Hollywood stars who “do not go crazy” in pursuit of beauty until old age, but simply overcome their complexes, according to OK! Magazine.

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