Klay Thompson nukes Jaren Jackson Jr for Warriors tweet

As Klay Thompson says it himself, he forgets nothing. Especially not opponents who disrespect the Warriors. Coming out of game 6 and the fourth coronation of his career with Golden State, Thompson appeared in front of the media and suddenly remembered a tweet that had bothered him a lot at the time. That of Years Jackson Jrwho took the liberty of posting “Strength in Numbers”, the Warriors’ slogan, with a cheering emoji, just after Memphis won against Golden State last March.

It’s simple, Klay Thompson paid for it live and at prime time.

“There’s this Grizzlies player who tweeted this and it pissed me off so much! Can’t wait to retweet this. You bum! When I saw this I thought the guy was a clown. Sorry, that memory just came back to me.

Are you kidding us when you’ve never been this far bro? We have been there and we know what it means. No, but you believe that? […] I have an elephant’s memory and I don’t forget that many people hit us when we were on the ground”.

The Warriors are no longer down, Klay Thompson is also up and running, ready to hold accountable anyone who tackled his team or predicted his end of cycle.

Klay Thompson, a great emotion for a particular title

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