Kitori Academy could become an indie Hogwarts Legacy coming in 2023

The upcoming indie game Kitori Academy resembles Hogwarts Legacy very – but it’s cozier and with more cats. Read more here!

Above Kitori Academy

The new indie title Kitori Academy is listed on Steam and takes players to a slightly different school for witches and wizards, where they take on the role of a wizard’s apprentice. During your time at the academy, you’ll hone your magical skills, learn how to brew potions (hey, Little Witch in the Woods), growing vegetables, casting spells and much more. All figures come with their own “spirit companion” – an adorable feline friend – by their side. According to the game’s Steam page, the life simulation allows you to explore the academy at your own pace. That sounds very comfortable and can definitely help you to slow down! Here’s a trailer for you:

According to the game’s Kickstarter page, those who grabbed the “Pioneer Edition” of the game will have access to Steam Alpha in late 2022. Additionally, backers with beta access in early 2023 can play a beta before releasing a demo in spring 2023. Kitori Academy will probably be released in autumn 2023 on PC, the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The game has already been fully funded via Kickstarter and has also cracked four of the five goals, meaning there will be some additional content to join the main game. We remain excited to see what awaits us with the title!

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