Kith presents a collection in collaboration with Oakley, Adidas, Columbia, Tumi, and G-Shock

Kith launches a collection of clothing, footwear and outdoor accessories in collaboration with five marks, entitled ” Element Exploration Agency “. This group includes the labels Oakley, Adidas, Columbia, Tumi, and G-Shock.

Image taken from the video presentation ” The Voyager “, with parts of Oakley and Columbia from the collection Element Exploration Agency – Kith

Among the pieces in the collection, you will find sun glasses Oakley Razor Blades, jackets, pants and tracksuits Columbia, and a canvas bag Tumi with leather details. The color palette draws its inspiration from the red earth of Utah and the blue of the water desperately searching for the traveller. It is shown in the promotional video of the collection, titled The Voyager.

Ronnie Fieg, owner of Kith, has said on Instagram that this collection would include a complete range of products inspired by the fascinating scenery and outdoor sports in Utah.

He presented the collection on the social network with these words : “Working with brands that I admire to create innovative products and revolutionary for the industry has always been my ambition to Kith. “He added that the collection was” thought to bring our aesthetic on new lands and to show the functional side of the principles of Kith. “

Kith has announced the collection with a three-minute video titled The Voyager, that you can view on the site of Columbia. The main character is dressed in a windbreaker and we see him run in the desert of Utah in the manner of a reportage animalier, with a voice-over that comments on his actions with phrases such as ” He can only count on his instincts, his intelligence and his equipment to survive.”

The public use of the territory of Utah became a problem for the sector of outdoor sports. Patagonia has taken the lead of a group of several companies in the textile sector who fight to protect the landscapes that have inspired Kith for its new collection of multi-brand.

However, voices are already to emphasize that the argument of Kith in favor of adventures in the nature in Utah would have had even more impact if the mark was not output the beaten path for his shooting, thereby encouraging good practices in the outdoors in a new group of consumers.

Ronnie Fieg has posted previews of the collection on his account Instagram, but no official launch date has not yet been announced.

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