While it is time for shopping lists for the end of the year and a noose that is once again tightening on Covidated Europe, the major music festivals of late spring and summer, which are desperately waiting to be able to finally find the public and artists, do not stop unveiling with a lot of advance the headliners of their 2022 editions. First there was the Caribana (June 15-19), which took place ‘is delighted to have programmed The Offspring, Powerwolf, Mika, Louane, Fatboy Slim, PLK or even Maes. Then it was Festi’neuch’s turn (June 9-12) to disclose a few names – Julien Doré, Véronique Sanson, Clara Luciani, Justice, Suzane, Gaël Faye… Even the most disruptive and multidisciplinary PALP Festival, which stretches from May to September across the whole of Valais, has already revealed that the Australians from King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard will participate in the Rocklette, which will take place from August 6 to 14 in the heart of the Bagnes valley.

Paleo throws in its second sponge and shower the hopes of festival-goers who are once again orphans

This Tuesday, it is the largest of the French-speaking open air that entered the round of announcements. And the Paléo Festival did not take half measures: in fact, nearly fifty names have been revealed. Among the headliners, there will inevitably be many French-speaking artists, geographical proximity and uncertainty of travel oblige. For the time being, North Americans do not yet seem all ready to hit the road again, like Celine Dion who, announced for 2020, should finally pass through Nyon in 2023.

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Eclectic pop and banging techno

Alongside Stromae, who chose – as we already knew – to make his big Swiss comeback at the Paleo, Angèle and Orelsan are also locomotives. And while the French rap scene will be embodied by PNL, Ninho and SCH, veteran Francis Cabrel will come back to tell his audience that he loves them to death, on the sidelines of attention paid to the renewal of the female scene (Juliette Armanet, Suzane, Yseult). The Anglo-Saxon scene, while perhaps awaiting further confirmation when the second half of the poster will be unveiled next March, will vibrate to the sound of the hard glam-rock of Kiss; after nearly 50 years of career, the new-yokee group will embark on their final tour. No retirement on the other hand for the “Englishman” Sting, who almost every summer comes here and there to greet the Swiss public. After having canceled his visit to Montreux Jazz last July, his compatriot Rag’n’Bone Man will be in Nyon, just like the Dropkick Murphys, who will disembark from Boston to unpin their festive Celtic rock.

In addition to these attractive names, the programmers of the Vaudois festival were delighted, during a press conference organized in the new gas plant and also broadcast online, to defend an eclectic vision of pop (ranging from the English of Metronomy to the Greek sensation Marina Satti, via the French avant-garde collective Catastrophe), to put reggae back to the fore with in particular the Jamaicans of Third World (once dubbed by the great Bob), and to leave a large place for electronic music, with in particular beautiful people in terms of techno that hits (DJ Snake, Billx, Red Axes, Mall Grab). The Village du monde will be dedicated to West Africa, with great promises, like the electro rhythms of Guiss Guiss Bou Bess or the psychedelic blues of Bambino.

Need a positive signal

The custom, until 2019, was for Paléo to organize its big press conference between the end of March and the beginning of April. But it turns out that for the first time in its history, in July 2022 the festival will welcome artists originally scheduled for July 2020. In addition to the impatience of musicians to find the big summer stages, there is an understandable desire. demonstrations to occupy the field and open their ticket office as quickly as possible. After two blank years, this decision may be a commercial necessity. Because between the postponement of concerts scheduled for 2020 and 2021 and the arrival of new offers on the live market for 2022, the musical season promises to be extremely busy. Triggering before the end of the year the act of purchasing with spectators who will not be able to be everywhere, and will also probably want a long vacation abroad, is a strategy that could well, from now on, become the standard.

For boss Daniel Rossellat, “being able to include Paléo in the 2022 calendar is a positive signal. We didn’t want to wait until spring, even if we have no idea what rules will be in effect. ” At the end of the press conference, confident, the trustee of the city of Nyon told us to estimate at 99% the chances that the festival will take place normally. And to hope that once the winter period has passed, unsurprisingly synonymous with the rebound of Covid-19, some antivax and hesitant people will finally take the plunge: “It is time for them to understand that we can very well change of opinion without losing face… ”

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45th Paléo Festival, Nyon, from July 19 to 24, 2022. Wednesday November 24 at 10 am, 6-day season tickets go on sale; Wednesday December 1 at 12 noon, daily tickets go on sale. A stock of places will be kept for the announcement of the rest of the program, in March 2022.

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