Kirchnerism’s anger grows with Alberto

Although the problems of presidential communication were perceived from the beginning, the Olivos affair and its management put Kirchnerism on alert.

“That that Brazilians come from monkeys (sic) or err in charge of the deputy shot in Corrientes, is his problem, it affects him, it is his problem (he repeats). Now, Fabiola’s birthday mess and everything she’s doing after that is complicating us all, we lose electoral chances and capable until the control of the Congress that we had planned, I do not know how long the Doctor will allow it, “says a source of high Kirchner roots, regarding President Alberto Fernández and of course, Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

The crisis for the Fabiolagate it is hitting hard in the ruling alliance. The management of the president and his communication regarding the crisis, begin to generate consequences unthinkable until recently.

The polls that are handled both in La Rosada and in the Instituto Patria, show a strong decrease in the intention to vote, especially in the Province of Buenos Aires. And if this fall materializes, it will bring very complicated outcomes from the point of view of power management and how to get to 2023.

The numbers prior to the dissemination of the images of the party were promising. The ruling party had (according to its pollsters) about 10 percentage points of difference in Province. It must be borne in mind that the election held this year is the renewal of the legislators who won their seats in 2017, the best election of the macrismo in its history. Thus, a resounding victory in the district that selects the most deputies, such as Buenos Aires, put Kirchnerism in total control of the Chamber of Deputies, with its own quorum.

That advantage was substantial to advance with substantial projects for Christianity: complete control of the Justice, reforms of norms that clear the judicial panorama of all, especially Cristina herself, and the outlining of the political project that would have its second stage in 2023. ” I understand that politics is full of unforeseen events, the votes lost due to the wrong handling of the pandemic are tolerable, it was something that nobody knew how to do, but this?Throw the whole project down the train by the birthday of the girl this “, says the same source K, indignant as it has rarely been seen.

Is that, the structure that responds to the former president has organization and military conduct: not being exposed to these papers is a premise that goes down and is fulfilled. It’s hard to find a camper making a strategic mistake like taking pictures of themselves on a birthday celebrated at a time forbidden by themselves. “Do you think we did not hold meetings? Without cell phones, teacher, without cell phones …”, says a high command of Cristina’s structure.

The women of the group also they outraged as rarely with the President before his second reaction to the crisis. The first was to deny the images and brand them as tricks, and it was already a mistake, but the second, blaming everything on “my dear Fabiola” made the militant ladies fly into a rage.

It is not that the President’s partner is very sympathetic to anyone, not a little, quite the opposite, but the role of “the guilty fool woman of recklessness, it is something that we cannot allow, we flatly reject this form of stigmatization, it makes us disgust, “said a high-level official, close to Máximo Kirchner.

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But the principled questions are left a little aside in the face of electoral risk. Losing the Province went from being a science fiction movie to a certain risk. Kirchnerism has not won a midterm election since 2005 when Cristina herself defeated Hilda “Chiche” Duhalde in the Province and consolidated her husband’s power, allowing her to free herself from the tutelage of Chief Eduardo. In 2009 they lost to Francisco De Narváez, in 2013 to Sergio Massa and in 2017 to Esteban Bullrich. Today everything was given to win, even the Fabiolagate and the subsequent drives.

The damage caused by Fabiolagate is enormous, not only external to the ruling coalition in electoral matters, but internal

“Alberto does not enter into reasons, he is surrounded by people who do not know how to carry him, between his few slopes and himself, they have a conception of politics that expired two decades ago. Going to blame the woman as the first reaction is unfeasible today, ignoring images is ridiculous at this point, the judicial move that he put together by presenting himself and proposing to donate half a salary to resolve the issue and that the prosecutor imputes you within two hours, it is all unacceptable, it hurts every movement, “says the old leader, very close to Cristina Kirchner.

Nobody agrees on “what to do with Alberto.” There are those who suggest forceful actions to “surround it and get in complete control” of the management. “What is he going to allege, that he loses image? If he self-destroyed,” says one of the promoters of the move. “We share the play with Sergio (Massa) so that there is no quilomb … and that’s it”, completes the idea.

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The hurt genered by the Fabiolagate it is enormous, not only external to the governing coalition in electoral matters, but internal, where anger with the president grows every day and feeds after each strategic misprint.




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