Kingdom Maker: Play the new mobile 4X MMO in the fantasy middle ages now

From outer space to the Middle Ages: With Kingdom Maker, the developers Scopelys are releasing a new online game for Android and iOS. In a medieval fantasy world, you build your own cities, create a powerful army and form alliances to conquer the world or trade peacefully.

With Kingdom Maker, the developer of mobile games such as Star Trek: Fleet Command and MARVEL Strike Force is releasing its latest online game for Android and iOS on June 16th. In its latest title, the studio Scopely relies on a mixture of real-time strategy, role-playing game and simulation. Create your own dystany in which the nobles go into battle, adventure in dungeons, strike up romance or cause chaos.

With their help, you build a kingdom from scratch in a medieval fantasy world. Construct cities with unique buildings that generate resources to keep your home growing and fortify your stronghold against attacking enemies. Because big battles that take place in real time are an important aspect in Kingdom Maker. Both attacking and defending must be done with caution, because the battles are visible to all players on the map and everyone can participate.

If you don’t want to face a superior force of enemies alone, look for allies. The game offers an alliance system for either conquering the world together or simply engaging in peaceful trade to lead your own people to prosperity.

But even with allies behind you, a king cannot survive without an army. In Kingdom Maker, only those who train their own commanders and recruit champions survive. They conquer new areas for you and hold strategically important points such as capitals or trading posts.

You can also get a first impression of Kingdom Maker in our new edition of Slide 2 Unlockin which Pirmin looks at the game for you.

Kingdom Maker is available now for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Kingdom Maker – Gameplay Trailer

The Kingdom Maker gameplay trailer gives you an overview of what to expect in the medieval MMO.



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