“King of Queens” star Kevin James: He is launching luxurious Florida property

With the cult series “King of Queens” Kevin James (57) became famous more than 20 years ago, today he is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. His fortune is estimated at over 200 million euros. He owes his wealth not only to cinema series such as “Children’s Heads” or “The Department Store Cop”, but also to his clever investments. Sponsorship contracts, his own restaurant and some real estate also secure his income. Now the actor is bringing one of his dream homes back onto the market. The luxurious property in Delry Beach in the US state of Florida is to be sold for the equivalent of 19 million euros.

The impressive house is located in a secured residential area. 1800 square meters, 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, huge terraces with sea views – it can be endured here. But Kevin James moved back to New York with his wife Steffiana De La Cruz (47) and their four children Sienna (16), Shea (14), Kannon (11) and Sistine (7), the house in Florida has apparently had its day.

In the gallery above we show you how Kevin James and his family used to live.

TBBT star Kaley Cuoco has bought her dream home

Kaley Cuoco (36) has not only found a new dream man, but also a new dream house. The “The Big Bang Theory” actress recently made her love for “Ozark” star Tom Pelphrey (39) public. Shortly before, she got hold of a new home in California for 4.9 million euros. A modern palace of glass and concrete – significantly cheaper, but no less exciting than Kevin James’ property. In the gallery below we show you Kaley Cuoco’s new mansion!



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