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As is well known, extra money will be made available to combat organized, subversive crime. People who are committed to the rule of law must be protected, according to the king. A total of more than 500 million extra will go to tackling organized crime.

The money goes to various services that have to prevent crime, including the police and the judiciary, the FIOD and the tax authorities. Efforts are also being made to prevent young people from committing crime by investing in work and study for young people. The amount of the amounts had already been largely leaked out. The so-called monitoring and security system will also require more budget.

The king referred to the nitrogen crisis and the housing market as major challenges. “Standstill would put our country at a disadvantage,” said the king. As leaked earlier, seven billion will be earmarked for climate measures.

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Corona crisis

In the coming period, the focus will be on the recovery of people who work in care during the corona crisis, both in hospitals and in nursing care. An extraordinary performance was delivered there, emphasized King Willem-Alexander in the speech from the throne. He also thanked all the people who made a major contribution during the corona crisis, such as the police, boas and military who assisted.

Behind us lies a period that was largely dominated by corona. Next year there will be room to look ahead and look back. After this period, many mourn the loss of a loved one, others struggle with the physical and mental consequences of corona. And still others, old and young, faced loneliness and depression,” the king said.

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He praised the many initiatives in the country to help and get people out of isolation. It is also important that this continues to exist in the coming phase, according to the monarch. “It is positive how many people continued to work, often in difficult circumstances. The Netherlands is grateful to you.”

The king also looked further ahead: “How do we ensure that we are ready for the next pandemic, the government is working on a plan for that. The second question is how high-quality care will remain in the future.”


The government has put its “hand in its own bosom” in the speech from the throne, pronounced by King Willem-Alexander. The handling of the earthquake damage in Groningen “has been too syrupy for too long.” And victims of the allowance affair have been wronged.

Also listen to the podcast Kwestie van Centen with the specially rewritten speech from the throne by DFT reporter Martin Visser:

Hooray is allowed again

After the king’s speech from the throne, those present were allowed to shout ‘hurrah’ again this year. The traditional three ‘hurrays’ were seen as a speaking choir last year, something that was not allowed due to the corona crisis.

After the Speech from the Throne, the President of the Senate always shouts ‘Long live the King’, followed by a thrice hurrah. But last year the MPs and other attendees had to stick to a raised hand and applause.

Before the king entered the Grote Kerk on Tuesday, those present were instructed how to pronounce the traditional hurrah after the speech from the throne.

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A large part of the caretaker cabinet’s plans for next year have already leaked, in fact just as much a tradition as wearing (top) hats, lavish dresses and chic morning coats.

The annual speech from the Throne normally takes place in the Ridderzaal, but is for the second year in a row in the Grote Kerk in The Hague. There is more room there for the MPs (again this year without their partner) and members of the cabinet (this year only the ministers).

Around 3 p.m., Minister Hoekstra will present his goat parchment briefcase containing the Budget Memorandum and budget in the House of Representatives, and everyone can view the government plans for the coming year.



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