Kim Kötter: “No one had given me and Jaap for so long”

With three healthy sons, a newly bought farm and shining careers, Jaap and Kim are doing well. The two still can’t get enough of each other. Yet many people had their doubts about the relationship in the beginning, Kim says. “No one would have given us those ten years! The first time we appeared on the red carpet together, all the photographers said, ‘This is not going to last long.’ They didn’t think we were a match, but we felt it from the first moment.”

The fact that their relationship is such a success, according to Kim, has to do with the fact that many things have in common. “I think we recognized something in each other because we both come from the east, from a large family. They were also different; with Jaap they are more drolls, they all studied, while we worked our way up to different levels: I was the first in the family to go to college. But in general we have the same family feeling and the same values ​​in life. We are sober about everything. It helped that we both had a long relationship before that, so you know better what you can and don’t want to.”

According to Kim, things are going well in their relationship. “We just understand each other well and still have a lot of fun with each other. I would immediately fall for him again. Jaap is funny, very social, and sometimes not, because he hates networking! He is very caring and we can say anything to each other.”

The fact that the two can regularly laugh with each other is also apparent from this fragment:

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