The jacket season has started and Kim Kardashian West shows how it should be. Kim, who was in New York for her much-discussed performance at Saturday Night Live, combined her now statement Balenciaga ‘catsuit’ up to twice with a giant oversized furry coat from the fashion house, also known as shaggy coat, faux fur of berenjas.

Kim Kardashian WesIt has now proven itself as a style icon, but there are still rumors that this one slamming looks did not originate from their own mind. The American magazine Us Weekly already reported last week that none other than Kanye West is responsible for Kim’s new aesthetic. It is said that the two are working on their relationship in private and West is simultaneously considering Kim’s styling.

Kim Kardashian West in Faux Fur; the coat trend of autumn/winter 2021-2022

That Kanye has taken up Kim’s styling again seems plausible, given the latest looks Kim is serving us up. Her controversial Met Gala outfit was an extension of the outfits she wore to the listening party’s from her ‘ex-husband’. Since then, Kim only wears comparable tight leggings and close-fitting tops in one color, with as little skin as possible but as much body – read: unparalleled curves – on display.

Back to the bear coat, the coat trend of Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2021 – the item that Kanye has been a fan of since his early days. This season, the hairier, bigger and more striking the coat, the better. We saw the large faux fur coats at Petroc Petar, Prada, Chanel on Burberry. Though faux – as it should be – it couldn’t get any brighter than this. The giant coats are anything but modest this season; they come in bright colors and up to the ankles.

Had that FW note Kim and Kanye but once again well understood and we note again. As you can see: a statement jacket that no one can ignore. For Kim.

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Kim Kardashian arrives at the on October 10, 2021 after party from her performance at SNL.

GothamGetty Images

kim kardashian in new york for her performance at snl

Kim Kardashian in New York for her performance on SNL.

Robert KamauGetty Images

Type: in de Netflix-serie Pose wears Angel Evangelista, the character of India Moore, the most outrageous faux fur coats. Need style inspiration? Then watch this series. (And also because of the strong characters and storylines.)

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