Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson show off their love on a red carpet

In the midst of his controversial divorce with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian surprised everyone by being seen hand in hand and very close to Pete Davidson, with whom he began to relate in 2021. Months later, they would be in charge of confirming their romance through Kim’s social networks -remember that Pete has decided to lead his life and career away from digital media-, where on rare occasions they have been seen in love, enjoying their romance in style. And although social networks and the paparazzi had given us some glimpses of their relationship, it is until now that the couple has made an official public appearance, showing off their love like never before on a red carpet.


It was during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington DC that Kim attended with a guest from the ABCa network that now produces the family reality show, which The socialite and her new boyfriend showed off the great love they have for each otherstealing the glances of all the attendees, not only because of Kim’s incredible look, but because this was the first time that the couple was seen as in love, walking hand in hand on the red carpet and showing off their love for everything top.

For this occasion, Kim opted for an incredible silver dress that ended in a tail, with which she highlighted her curves. The socialite complemented her look with discreet accessories and makeup in light and very natural tones, wearing her hair loose with some waves and with a wet effect. On her side, her companion let her be the center of attention by coming hand in hand with a classic black suit, which she combined with a white shirt and tie in the same tone, complementing her look with dark glasses.

During their time on the red carpet, Kim and Pete were seen as in love, sharing some complicity looks, some hugs and even tender kisses, which although discreet, did not go unnoticed by anyone. Among those attending the event were also the President of the United States, Joe BidenThe First Lady, Jill Biden, Martha Stewart y J. Smith-Cameron. It should be noted that this is the first time that this event has been held since the pandemic began, so it has undoubtedly been very important for all attendees.

Kim and Pete’s unexpected relationship

Although the fans of Kim Kardashian were surprised to see her hand in hand with Pete Davidson, everything seems to indicate that Kris Jenner’s daughter was also like that, because as she revealed, after the breakup with Kanye West she did not expect to fall in love again. “I think, you know, sometimes things happen when you least expect it. It was the last thing she planned,” Kim said during a talk she held with Hoda Kotb’s Making Space podcast. “So when it happened, we were like, ‘God, I wasn’t planning this. This isn’t even what I was thinking about,’ and it just makes it so much sweeter and more fun,” she added. “I took, you know, about 10 months or so before dating or talking to someone. And I just wanted that time to understand and go through the whole process: ‘Am I making the right decision? How do I feel about it?’ So once I went through all of that, I finally said, ‘I think I’m ready to meet someone now. And, out of nowhere, it happened.”



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