Kim Jong-un’s sister assured that the dictator had a “high fever” but continued to work: the officers cried when they heard her

This was revealed by the sister of the North Korean dictator

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un declared a “brilliant victory” over COVID-19 as his sister revealed the dictator fell ill during the outbreak, which he blamed on Seoul, state media reported Thursday.

Addressing a gathering of health workers and scientists, Kim announced a “victory … in the war against the malignant pandemic disease,” according to the Korean Central News Agency.

Kim Jong-un “suffered from a high fever during the days of this anti-epidemic war, but he could not lie down for a moment while thinking of the people for whom he was responsible.””, his powerful sister Kim Yo-jong said at the meeting, while officials wept in the audienceshowed a broadcast of KCTV.

North Koreans cry during Kim Jong-un’s sister’s speech (KCNA)

The isolated nation, which has maintained a strict lockdown since the start of the pandemic, confirmed an Omicron outbreak in the capital Pyongyang in May and activated a “maximum emergency epidemic prevention system”.

North Korea refers to “fever patients” instead of “COVID patients” in case reportsapparently due to a lack of analytical ability.

It is the first time North Korea has indicated that its leader – whose health is the subject of extraordinary scrutiny by analysts – has been infected by the coronavirus.

Kim Jong-un gestures to the public at the meeting that the "victoria" against COVID (KCNA-Reuters)
Kim Jong-un gestures to the public at the meeting where ‘victory’ against COVID was declared (KCNA-Reuters)

The KCTV has never aired a speech by “first sister” Kim Yo-jong, who delivered an impassioned speech, according to the broadcast. As he discussed his brother’s health, the camera showed uniformed officials in the audience wiping away tears or crying openly.

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Also claims that the COVID outbreak in the country was caused by South Korea, and warns of “retaliation”.

North Korea has previously said that “strange things” near the border with the South caused the isolated country’s COVID outbreak, a claim Seoul rejected.

Despite the ban taking effect in 2021, South Korean activists have for years flown balloons carrying propaganda leaflets and US dollars across the border, something Pyongyang has long protested.

Kim Yo-jong said such actions were a “crime against humanity” and that Pyongyang was considering “a strong retaliatory response”.

Kim Jong-un and his sister Kim Yo-jong (Reuters/File)
Kim Jong-un and his sister Kim Yo-jong (Reuters/File)

Seoul’s Unification Ministry said Thursday that North Korea was repeating a “baseless demand” and deplored Pyongyang’s “rude and threatening remarks.”

North Korea scored nearly 4.8 million “fever” infections and just 74 deaths for an official death rate of 0.002%, according to state media. Since July 29, no new cases have been registered..

This management of the pandemic “is an unprecedented miracle in the history of global public health”Kim said to thunderous applause, according to KCNA. “The victory achieved by our people is a historic event.”

Core test?

Analysts said the victory declaration indicated North Korea wanted to move on to other priorities “like boosting the economy or conducting a nuclear test,” said Leif-Eric Easley, a professor at Ewha University in Seoul.

Kim Yo-jong’s bellicose rhetoric is worrisome, as he will not only attempt to blame any resurgence of COVID on South Korea, but also seek to justify North Korea’s next military provocation.“, he added.

Experts, including the World Health Organization, have long questioned Pyongyang’s COVID statistics and its claims to have brought the outbreak under control.

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The country has one of the worst healthcare systems in the worldwith poorly equipped hospitals, few intensive care units and no drugs to treat COVID, according to experts.

It is believed that has not vaccinated any of its 25 million inhabitantsalthough it may have received some vaccines from China, as reported by the specialized website NK News, based in Seoul.

South Korea, with its advanced health care and highly vaccinated population, has a coronavirus death rate of 0.12%, according to official data, significantly higher than that recorded in the North.

(With information from AFP)


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