Kim Jong Un oversees test launch of new tactical guided weapon

(CNN) — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un oversaw a test launch of a “new-type tactical guided weapon,” according to North Korean state media KCNA.

He was accompanied by Kim Jong Sik, deputy department director of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, as well as leaders of the Ministry of Defense of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and commanders of the Korean People’s Army.

“The new-type tactical guided weapons system developed under the special attention of the Party Central Committee is of great importance in dramatically improving the firepower of front-line long-range artillery units and improving the efficiency in operating DPRK’s tactical nuclear weapons and diversification of its firepower missions. The launch test was carried out successfully,” KNCA reported.

Kim Jong Un “highly congratulated the national defense scientific research sector for recording continuous successes in achieving the core goals of ensuring war deterrence set out at the 8th Party Congress, and extended warm congratulations on behalf of the Central Committee.” of the Party.

Clarifying the long-term plan of the Party Central Committee to bolster the country’s defense capabilities, the respected general secretary gave important instructions on how to further develop the country’s nuclear defense capabilities and fighting forces. .

North and South Korea launch missiles 1:09

South Korea detects two projectiles fired from North Korea

The South Korean military detected two projectiles fired by North Korea from the Hamhung area into the waters off the eastern Korean peninsula around 6 p.m. local time on Saturday (April 16), the Joint Chiefs of Staff said. (JCS) of the country in a statement to the media this Sunday.

The projectiles detected had an altitude of about 25 km, a flight distance of about 110 km and a maximum speed of Mach 4.0 or less, according to the JCS.

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The statement added that South Korean and US intelligence agencies are conducting a detailed analysis.

Immediately after the launch, South Korea held an emergency meeting between the military, intelligence agencies and the National Security Office to assess the situation and discuss countermeasures, the JCS statement said.

The combined South Korean and US forces are monitoring North Korea’s launch trend in real time and all necessary measures are being taken regarding posture monitoring and readiness, the JCS added in the statement.



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