Kim Jong-un celebrates alleged eradication of Corona virus

Was the ruler himself sick with Corona? Information from his sister fuels the suspicion. Officially, the country wants to have defeated the virus again.

According to his sister, North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong-un himself fell ill during the Corona outbreak in the country. Kim “suffered from a high fever during the days of this quarantine war,” Kim Yo-jong said Thursday, according to state news agency KCNA. “But he couldn’t lie down for a moment and he thought about the people he’s responsible for.” This is the first time that North Korea has mentioned a possible corona infection of its ruler.

Kim Jong-un previously announced a “brilliant victory” in the fight against the corona pandemic. At a meeting with health officials, he said, according to KCNA, “the victory achieved by our people is a historic event that once again shows the world the greatness of our state and the indomitable perseverance of our people.” Officials previously said that there had been no new corona case for nearly two weeks.

74 official deaths

North Korea, largely isolated internationally, confirmed an outbreak of the omicron variant in the capital Pyongyang in May. According to KCNA, a total of 4.8 million infections and just 74 deaths were reported, which would represent an extremely low death rate. Now it is said that there has been no new case since July 29.

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