Kidney and urinary tract health

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Urinary leaks, kidney stones, urinary tract infections … The kidneys are organs as discreet as they are essential and when the elimination functions are disturbed, the consequences can make daily life impossible.

How do our kidneys work? What are they for ? How to prevent disorders and diseases related to kidney function?

  • Pr corinne isnard bagnis, nephrologist, deputy head of department in the Nephrology department of the Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital and professor of Nephrology at the Sorbonne in Paris. Author of the book ” Impossible urination. Take care of your kidneys, they will give you back! », Published by Rocher
  • Dr Soumaila Diawara, nephrologist at the Polyclinique Guindo, in Bamako, Mali.

At the end of the program, the Pr Jean-Baptiste Nikiema, team leader on drugs, technologies, infrastructure and health equipment at the WHO Regional Office for Africa tells us about the panel of experts that approved the protocol for herbal medicine clinical trials for Covid-19.