kicks and punches fly. Finally the explanation

Michelle Hunziker she is one of the most popular television presenters of the small screen but not only. Everyone also loves her for the smile always on her face and for the beautiful programs she presents.

But have you seen what has happened in the last few hours? A video in which Michelle can be seen has been made public. In the video you can clearly see kicks and punches and so Hunziker had to give explanations about it that really surprised everyone.

Michelle Hunziker, the video of the attack has a reason

Someone probably got a little worried when seeing such a video starring the Swiss presenter. In reality not everything is as it seems but quite the contrary. For some time now, Michelle Hunziker has been a fan of defence who decided to approach the martial arts.

So there was no aggression or violence because Michelle was simply practicing an art. The woman herself explained the whole truth about the case, thus removing any possible doubt.

Michelle Hunziker and martial arts

I have long wanted to do a self defense course to feel safer and strengthen my muscles ” Michelle Hunziker said about it. “I have embarked on a martial arts path, I practice the Kyokushinkai and I’m getting very passionate because not only teaches a ‘technique’ but changes your spirit ” added the beloved presenter.

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In short, nothing to worry about but quite the opposite since Michelle Hunziker seems really happy to have embarked on this new path so particular and so exciting.

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Maybe in the next few weeks he might even decide to show some other moves to the many followers he has on Instagram. Michelle indeed has a huge following on social media and her fans would certainly like to see her still practice martial art.



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