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Kick Out Zwarte Piet clears the agenda and is going to 'arrange own protection' | NOW

Action group Kick Out Zwarte Piet (KOZP) has cleared the agenda for next week to focus on protecting its own demonstrators, says foreman Jerry Afriyie in conversation with on Sunday evening.

The KOZP chief executive is not convinced that the government can guarantee the safety of KOZP demonstrators and therefore announces that the group will take action itself.

"We are going to actively protect our demonstrators against civilians who want to commit violence against us." Afriyie does not comment on what measures the action group is taking.

Since the Friday incident in The Hague, when a KOZP meeting in The Hague was disrupted by five men, KOZP's confidence in the government has fallen considerably. "It's a shame what happened there," said Afriyie. Four of the five men arrested have now been released.

"We will arrange protection for protesters during Sinterklaas visits"

In the coming weeks, the action group claims to be present at twelve Sinterklaas trips to demonstrate against Zwarte Piet. The protection of those demonstrators will be arranged next week, says Afriyie.

Earlier in the evening, he once again experienced a downer when another KOZP activity went wrong. In Hengelo in Overijssel, Afriyie was supposed to participate in a black-eyed discussion, but local councilors would have canceled at the last minute. The fear of riots played a role in this, writes Tubantia.

A police spokesperson said he "regrets" that KOZP's confidence in the government has fallen, and says that information about police deployment is not being released in conversation with the media.

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