Kia XCeed is waiting for restyling, the new Honda Accord and other industry events


Kia has released sketches of the updated raised hatchback XCeed. Judging by the official images, restyling will bring new bumpers and LED optics to the five-door, like the original Sid: with three vertical sections in front and a matrix structure in the back – and such lights, by the way, are a hallmark of the GT-Line version, which will appear in the course of the update. range of “off-road” model XCeed. The Koreans also hint at the electrification of the motor range for Europe, new security systems and a modified media system. All the details will be known on July 18, when the official premiere of the updated five-door will take place.

In the concern Volkswagen again difficulties with software for future electric vehicles. According to Automotive News, the promising electric flagships of the Audi, Porsche and Bentley brands on the new platform may debut with delays. The development of a promising electric vehicle with a fourth level autopilot as part of the Artemis project was supposed to be completed in 2024 and become the basis for future production models, however, due to a number of problems at Cariad (a subsidiary of the Volkswagen concern), the deadlines will have to be shifted by two, or even by three years. Instead, the concern will focus on a less ambitious project for now, but the future electric Porsche Macan (pictured above), which has even begun to be produced in test mode at the Leipzig plant, will most likely be delayed, and Bentley’s plans to abandon internal combustion engines by 2030 year are at risk of remaining unfulfilled.

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Introduced back in 2019, the electric hypercar Pininfarina Battista finally became serial. The first commercial copy will be shown at a presentation in Monaco, and then the electric car will go to the Monterey Car Week event, which will be held in August. Recall that the Pininfarina Battista hypercar is equipped with a power plant of four electric motors, which in total give out 1900 hp. and 2300 Nm, as well as a traction battery of the Croatian company Rimac with a capacity of 120 kWh. Deliveries of cars to customers will start before the end of the summer, although according to the plan they were supposed to start as early as 2020. The team of ten people at the plant in the Italian commune of Cambiano takes 1250 hours to build each electric car (and as much as 1340 hours on the model with the prefix Anniversario), and in total Automobili Pininfarina plans to assemble 150 cars.

And in the company itself Rimac also a holiday, and on a similar occasion: the first commercial electric hypercar Nevera is finally ready. A model ready for serial production with four again electric motors (their total output is 1914 hp and 2360 Nm) was declassified last summer, but since then the creators have yet to deal with all the formalities and prepare for the start of the assembly of the first instance. For all the time, the company tested three modifications of the electric power plant, built 17 prototypes, conducted 45 crash tests (some copies were broken several times), and now, almost five years after the start of work on the project, Nevera with serial number 000 in VIN code saw the light of day. However, Rimac will leave it for its corporate collection, and the next 150 cars (yes, the circulation of the Croatian hypercar will be the same as that of the Battista model) will go to their happy owners – deliveries will start in the near future.

Hyundai will build an electric vehicle factory in South Korea by 2025. It will be the first greenfield production site of a Korean company in the home market since 1996. Reuters reports that the green light has already been given to the project, but the concern itself has not yet specified what kind of electric vehicles they will produce there. And the company’s management will obviously have plenty to choose from, because the brands Hyundai, Genesis and Kia for three in the coming years will present about thirty new models with electric propulsion systems.

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Honda Accord next generation lit up on patent images. The upcoming sedan will adopt the new corporate design that previously debuted on the Civic and CR-V models, while the taillights will be visually combined into a long, full-width block. Unfortunately, there are no details on the part of the technology yet, although it is possible that the official premiere of the new Accord will take place this year.

Also today we talked about the resumption of production of the classic Niva at AVTOVAZ.



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