The car has earned both criticism and praise.

Photo: KIA K5, source: KIA

This fall, the 2021 KIA K5 will appear on the Russian market, the production of which started at the Avtotor plant in Kaliningrad. Recently there was information about the prices of the car. Motorists reacted to the new business sedan for the Russian Federation for 2,000,000 rubles in the comments on the OptimaVOD YouTube channel.


As mentioned earlier, the KIA K5 will arrive in Russia with a stripped down feature set. The car will lose all-wheel drive, automatic valet parking, turbo engines, gearshift washers and head-up display. The company itself reported that the prices for the new sedan will be announced closer to the start of sales, but recently information about the cost of the car was leaked to the Network.

Complete set

Sales of the KIA K5 in Russia will start with the medium configuration Style, and the simplest versions of the car will enter our market later. The set of options for each modification is not yet clear, but under the hood of the “stylish” version of the sedan there will be a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated engine with 194 horsepower, paired with an 8-section automatic transmission.

For the KIA K5 in the Style configuration, Russian dealers will ask from 1,980,000 rubles, that is, the average version of the former Optima will cost almost 2 million rubles.

“The sonata in this version is 200 – 300 thousand rubles cheaper”, – noted the reviewers.


The top-end version of the business sedan will be the GT-Line +, which will also be equipped with a 2.5-liter engine. Such a modification of the car will cost from 2,300,000 to 2,400,000 rubles. As bloggers note, “This is a lot and Russians will drop their gaze on a crossover or cars of other brands”.

Network Opinion

Car enthusiasts also paid attention to the price of the KIA K5. The majority of drivers reacted negatively to the cost of the former Optima.

“Nobody will buy for such a price”, “Someone in Korea overeat fish soup with such prices”, “Better to take a Camry”, “Very expensive”, “Merc is cheaper”, “The price is not for this car”, “Demand the Camry will increase “, – comment on the web users.

But there were also positive reviews about the sedan from motorists.

“Normal price relative to competitors”, “They will share the market with the Camry”, “The price is adequate, it will be more expensive in the USA”, “It may be expensive, but it is better than the Camry”, – said motorists.

Photo: KIA K5 exterior and interior, source: KIA

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KIA K5 for Russia for 2,000,000 rubles has collected conflicting reviews – some refuse to buy this car with reduced functionality, while others, on the contrary, consider the successor of Optima to be a successful one. Time will tell whether the sedan will become popular in Russia.